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Ring Leader & "Bumbling Doofus" Sentenced In Heroin Trafficking Case

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Two members of a heroin trafficking operation were sent to state prison Friday. Devon Johnson, 39, the "top guy" in the operation, will spend 10 years behind bars. Maurice Rollins, 45, will spend 6 years in prison, although his attorney tried to negotiate a lesser sentence, highlighting Rollins's unsuccessful attempt at drug dealing, calling his client "a bumbling doofus." Both men plead guilty to the same charge back in July, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, but prosecutors say it was their specific roles in the operation that resulted in differing sentences.

Standing in front of Judge Kevin Dooley in Broome County Court, Rollins's attorney Christopher Grace explained that his client had actually been fired by Johnson because he was "terrible at his job." Prosecutors recognized that Rollins was not as heavily involved as Johnson and agreed to a lesser sentence for the crime.

Johnson and Rollins were arrested following an October 2016 drug bust in the Village of Endicott. Prosecutors say the enterprise brought thousands of dollars worth of heroin into the community. Judge Dooley condemned the men's roles in the heroin epidemic. Dooley says neither man is addicted or using drugs, but are instead capitalizing on other people's misery to make a profit.

"You know, their thinking at the time is they need money, but I think now the reality is, I think some of these profiteers who are selling drugs are realizing they're also killing people," says Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell, "And although they may not of thought about that when they got into it, they're responsible for their actions and what they do."

It was a year long investigation that led to the arrest of Devon Johnson and his 6 alleged associates. Two of those individuals have yet to be sentenced.