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Maine Endwell School District Celebrates First Day of School

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Today marked the first day of school for students in the Maine Endwell School District.

At Homer Brink Elementary School, parents dropping of their children had mixed emotions for the big day.

Patricia Mellon, a mom sending her 7-year-old twins off to second grade, was more excited than sad.

I snapchatted, I did personal videos, I did pictures of all the kids on the block. Every school year I'm excited.

For Jodi Ihnotic, a mom sending her youngest off to kindergarten, the moment is bittersweet.

This is my baby, this is it. This is the last one. He's very excited though!

Principal Bill Dundon has been working in the district for twenty years, and has been the principal of Homer Brink for nine.

It's just a great time every year to see them coming up that sidewalk with their smiles and bee-boppin’ into the classroom and they're loving to get school started. Watching them grow from little four and five-year-olds and getting them ready to go to middle school six years later that's the biggest reward for me.

The school of 750 students is one of two elementary schools in the district.