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Nichols Community gathers for Old Home Day

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Kirby Park in Nichols, NY was flooded and damaged on July 23, 2017. Just over one month later, the community, New York State DOT and others helped restore Kirby Park in time for Old Home Day.

"It was a little tenuous there for a while whether or not we were going to have Old Home Day, because of the repair on the bridge probably would have cancelled that. We would have had the highway go through Nichols and it just wouldn't have been possible to do that, said Mary Gage, a local resident."

With a generous community and neighbors, no storm can stop an event from moving forward.

"To be honest, the community really steps up and helps out. A few weeks after the flood we had pretty much all the parents down here, helping clean up the fields, said Travis Fisher, Tioga/Nichols Little League Treasurer."