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Unity Stables Hosts Open Horse Show

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Students at Unity Stables showed off their horses on Saturday, for an Open Horse Show. Riding instructor and trainer, Ashley Delaney, says the event was to help prepare students for upcoming shows this fall. 

"It's really important, especially for our younger riders who have never shown before. It gives them an opportunity for them to learn and settle their nerves a little before we travel off site to other shows," said Delaney. 

People, ages 4 to 60, competed in the show. Delaney says students will travel as far as Syracuse and down to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for shows. She says showing horses is a lot more than just dedication. 

"For me, it's a passion. It's something you have to love. You're riding an animal in a sport where the animal has a completely different mind of its own. I got involved when I was extremely young and fell in love with it, and that's a lot of the stories you will hear around here," said Delaney.