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Teeing Off for Charity: "Mudcat" Grant Golf Tournament Wraps Up

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What began as a rainy day, quickly became a beautiful sight as the sun came out and over thirty celebrities made their way onto the course of The Links of Hiawatha Landing for the annual Jim "Mudcat" Grant All-Star Golf Tournament.

Kicking off the tournament, Black Ace, Jim "Mudcat" Grant, welcomed his guest athletes and local officials to the sixteenth year of the charity golf event.

It is never a small feat to consecutively raise over $40,000 for Catholic Charities, the Urban League, CHOW, the Boys and Girls Club and area veterans every year, but "Mudcat" Grant, along with Security Mutual and Grant's colleagues, continues to draw in funding and well-known athletes with this event.  

"All of us feel a need to give something back. That's the biggest reason why I'm here...to help charities," said Vern Law, Cy Young Award winning pitcher of the Pittsburgh Pirates (1950-1967).

Much like Mudcat, Law's interest in giving back to the community remains at the heart of his convictions. Earning the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award in 1965 for his contributions both on and off the field, Law said no matter what he has had to overcome, facing it with other people helped him to succeed. "These people who I've been associated with for so many years...they're trying to accomplish good things," said Vern Law.

But Law is not alone in wanting to help Jim Grant's charity golf tournament, Roosevelt Bouie, a Syracuse All-American basketball player, is an Upstate New Yorker himself. Supporting the people who once supported him, Bouie said playing golf for Grant is fun and "addictive" for everyone.

"I've been coming here 5, 6, 7 years. Everyone that comes out here will come back another year. And they'll bring a friend," said Roosevelt Bouie.

For some it's the comradery, for others it's the charity, but one thing remains the same...the tournament's goal of helping others achieve a great victory in life is a win for all the special guests.

"We've had so many celebrities that came to Binghamton to play in the tournament. I love the contacts that we have in helping one another along the way. I am truly blessed," said Jim "Mudcat" Grant, two time American League All-Star.