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McSorley Directing Penn State Offense

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Pennsylvania -

Penn State Quarterback, Trace McSorley, is the one of the many weapons that the Nittany Lions' offense has. "Trace is that kind of guy that makes everything go," said PSU Tight End, Mike Gesicki.

McSorley is someone who threw for over 3,500 passing yards in 2016-17 season, and his Offensive Coordinator said that has nothing to do with him chucking the ball blindly down the field.

A kid couldn't lead the league in multiple passing categories, and set school single-season records and be on the verge of multiple school records if he was just throwing the ball indiscriminantly down the field, said Joe Moorhead.

Moorhead said that there is a plan in everything that their offense executes. "The things that we did by throwing the ball down the field, that didn't happen by chance, they happened by choice," said Joe Moorhead.

However, Trace credits his offensive coordinator. "He really gives us a license to be able to be a play maker and that's what's been awesome about it," said McSorley.