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The Milky Bun Makes Its Debut At The New York State Fair

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Fried, grilled, and served up to millions. For some, the food at the New York State Fair is one of the biggest draws. This year, it's all about the Milky Bun.

"I just saw donuts, ice cream, and cereal all together... How could I not?" says Kali Kimak, waiting for her order at the Milky Bun stand. 

A donut and dairy treat, the Milky Bun has been getting a lot of attention from visitors in the dairy building.

"She jumped in line first, I just followed," laughs Jeff Smith, pointing at girlfriend Kimak.

I had to try it myself, so I hopped in line to see what all the fuss was about. 

First, you choose a glazed or plain donut. The donut is sliced in half and your choice of ice cream is spread on it like a sandwich. You can choose other fillings too like Oreos, Cookie Crisp, and gummy bears. The treat is put in a warmer that heats up the donut without melting the ice cream. For $4.50 you've got yourself a Milky Bun.

Both Kimmock and Smith say it's their favorite fair treat they've tried all day. 

"It's a game changer," says Kimak, "Fair changer right here."

If you're looking for the Milky Bun, the stand is located in the dairy building on the opposite end from the Milk Bar.