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Binghamton Mayor Ends Bulk Garbage Collection Fee

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Binghamton residents will no longer need to purchase $3 pink stickers to throw out their bulk trash. Residents of Binghamton are still required to purchase the city's blue trash bags.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David announced Monday the sticker program would end on January 1, 2018. 

David said the program, put into place in 2010, made residents feel “nickel-and-dimed."

This change will result in cleaner neighborhoods, less code violations, and more money back in residents’ pockets.

Roughly $60,000 was generated annually from the program, but was met with hundreds of violations each year. In 2016, 779 violations were given out by the Department of Public Works for bulk items at curbs without stickers.

In August, the city conducted “Operation Clean Sweep”, collecting 910 tons of garbage. That’s almost three times the amount of garbage collected during same program in 2016.

David will propose legislation to repeal the sticker program at City Council’s work session next Tuesday.