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Broome County and Stupski Fitness Promoting Health and Fitness

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Broome County is working with local businesses for a Worksite Wellness Program for all Government Plaza Employees. Derek Stupski of Derek Stupski Fitness, along with Broome County Employees announced the Lunch and Learn Fall Series.

The series is created to encourage health and fitness. The program will consist of four free educational discussions to be held primarily in the conference room at Danny's Cafe in the New York State Office Building.

The dates of the discussion and schedule of events are as follows:

August 29: Kick off/Overall Wellness, September 5: Derek from Stupski Fitness, September 12: Benefits of Exercise, September 19: Yoga/Stay Healthy (18th floor of NYS Office Building).

Each program runs from 12:00 PM until 1:00 PM. The program is free of charge to employees, for more information you can call: 778-2109.