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Binghamton's West Side Rocks for Porchfest

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Binghamton's 3rd annual Porchfest returned to the West Side on Sunday afternoon. The all day event featured 110 musical acts on 42 residential and business front porches.

"I think the concept is great, it's one of the best sides about living on the West Side of Binghamton," said Robert Murphy, Binghamton Resident.

Thousands of people walked, biked, and drove down Riverside Drive, Beethoven Street, Main Street, and Front Street to take part in the grassroots festival. 

"It brings everyone out and you get to meet neighbors," said Sean Carden, Vestal Resident.

The event is organized by Chris Bodnarczuk, a publisher of the Triple Cities Carousel, a free monthly arts and culture magazine. 

"It's a beautiful day to enjoy some music," said Carden.

"This is one of the great things about living in Binghamton, this is a community that pulls well together and it's been a great day," said Murphy.

Organizers say the idea for the event was borrowed from the first Porchfest in Ithaca in 2007.