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Horizon's 16th Annual "Family Fun Friday" Makes Impact on Kids

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For a lot of kids, August means getting ready for another long school year. But for some of those kids, the summer isn't ending without a bang.

Mario DiFulvio, President and CEO of Horizons Federal Credit Union said, “We have games, the B-Mets are here with a blowup pitching machine, the Binghamton Devils are here with some hockey stuff, a lot of things for the kids to do, a face painter, we're giving away hot dogs for the kids.”

This was all part of the Horizons Federal Credit Union’s 16th annual “Family Fun Friday”.

"If you take a look around, the kids are all here, the kids love it, it gives them something to do right before school starts and you know it’s a way of giving back to the community, we love putting it together.”  “In the long run, like I said, the kids love it, the kids leave with a smile on their faces and that’s what matters most," said DiFulvio.

And it’s not only the kids appreciate it, but the parents do too.

Nathandria Watkins of Binghamton said, “Oh it means a lot, I mean I start school on Monday, I've got four kids, I’m out of work at the moment and so I have two kids starting school for the first time and without this I wouldn’t have half of their supplies.”

Watkins and her four children were one of many families to receive a free bag of school supplies provided by Horizons.

“A lot of the kids that are growing up in a hard fashion and don’t have a choice. So, if we can give them something a little bit better than what they have, we’d feel good about it. If we can give them something that makes them have a little bit of fun and go back to school and say ‘hey I was hula hooping at Horizons'...that makes us feel good," said DiFulvio.