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Police: Thousands of Tickets issued for Speed Week Campaign

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During this years Speed Week campaign, there were 1,504 tickets issued in the Southern Tier, and 21,148 tickets issued across New York.

Troopers focused on speeding and aggressive drivers throughout their seven day campaign. They also were on the look out for distracted and impaired drivers, travelers who were not wearing their seat belts, and those who violated the "Move Over Law". 

Tickets Issued:

  • Speed: 798
  • DWI Arrests: 15
  • Distracted Driving: 11
  • Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 48
  • Move Over: 33 

Officials said Speed Week is to remind drivers about the importance of safe driving and that tragedies can result by not following the law. State Police responded to 268 personal injury accidents, that resulted in 392 people injured and five fatalities. 

The campaign began on August 2 and ended on August 8.