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Binghamton Brewing Company Celebrates Third Anniversary

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The Binghamton Brewing Company celebrated its third anniversary with a German themed party on Saturday.

"We pride ourselves in being part of the community and part of the Southern Tier," said Jason Gardner, Binghamton Brewing Company Co-Owner.

The company has a theme every year and this one featured a dozen beers on tap, carnival food, traditional German food, and a variety of live musical performances. Around 200 people were expected to show up and celebrate with the Brewery.

Gardner says he couldn't have gotten to this point without the support of the community and his friends as well.

"We really helped put this place together three years ago, we painted the walls, installed flooring, and even put up the bar," said Jennifer Hughes, Friend of Brewery Owners.

Becky Barlow, another friend of the Brewery owners says it's been great to see them succeed.

"It's great that they're doing something different, it helps them grow," said Barlow.

For more information on future events being held by the Binghamton Brewing Company, you can visit their website.