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BU Will Receive Over $4 Million in Federal Funds

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Senator Chuck Schumer announced on Friday, that Binghamton University will be receiving over $4 million in federal funding to promote degree completion.

The senator says the funds will be used to help community college students transition into four year STEM programs, where they can earn their Bachelor of Science. 

"This federal investment will allow Binghamton to connect directly with community colleges and support academically gifted students," said Schumer. 

The money is being allocated through the National Science Foundation -- an organization that supports research and education in STEM fields. 

Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger said students selected for the program will receive a hands on learning experience in smart energy. 

"This NSF award will enable us to help many talented-yet-underserved students earn a bachelor of science degree, critical to a career in STEM fields, as well as further the university's standing as a leader in STEM education," said Stenger.