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Competitive Eaters Face-Off In Spiedie Eating Contest

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Competitive eaters Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie stopped by Fox 40 on Friday to face-off in a 1 minute spiedie eating contest. Chestnut won this one by one bite, but the two will be going head to head for a rematch on Saturday at Tioga Downs. 

"Hot dogs, we dunk the bun in water, so it goes really fast. Spiedies, we don't even get the spiedies in California, so I can't practice with them," says Chestnut.

Stonie is the reigning spiedie eating champion and also holds the world record, devouring 20 Lupo's spiedie sandwiches in 10 minutes during the 2016 competition at Tioga Downs. 

"Hopefully that translates to this yeart," says Stonie.

That 10 minute competition will take place at 7:30pm at Tioga Downs on Saturday. Joining Chestnut and Stonie are Carmen Cincotti, Gideon Oji, and Geoffrey Esper.