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Endicott Man Pleads Guilty To Federal Child Sex Crimes

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In Binghamton Federal Court on Thursday, Richard Squires, 58, pleaded guilty to four counts of sex crimes following a federal grand jury indictment.

FBI arrested Squires in May after they found sexually explicit videos and photos in his Cleveland Avenue residence. Squires was then indicted on two counts of sexual exploitation of a child, and the receipt and possession of child pornography.

On Thursday, Squires admitted in 2013 he convinced two adolescents, a 13-year-old and 14-year-old, to carrying out graphic and explicit actions that he videotaped. 

According to court records, Squires told investigators he videotaped himself rubbing baby powder on the vaginal areas of the two children after having them shave their pubic hair.

This video and others were seized by Endicott police during an April search of Squires' apartment, who then arrested Squires for possessing child pornography.

That arrest led to a federal investigation and additional charges. Investigators seized as many as 50,000 images from Squires computer and and SD card.