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Officials are Getting Ready for the Dick's Sporting Goods Open

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Local officials have been working since early January to prepare for this years Dick's Sporting Goods Open-- they even say they are expecting the largest crowd, yet. 

On Wednesday Broome County Executive Jason Garnar, Endicott Police Chief Patrick Garey, Dick's Open Director John Karades, and the Director of Emergency Services of Broome County Mike Ponticiello discussed traffic and parking for the event, and safety procedures. 

Officials say the open isn't just a 54 hole golf tournament, its Dick's Sporting Goods Open week with plenty of activities for everybody. 

Garnar says thousands and thousands of people will be descending into Broome County next week, and organizers have told him this is going to be the biggest crowd yet.

He said last years crowd brought in over $12 million to the local economy.

The Director of Emergency Services of Broome County, Mike Ponticiello says getting to and from the event is one of their top priorities, and that nearly 12 different agencies have been working together to ensure things will run as smooth as possible.

Ponticiello wants to remind guests to make sure they check their tickets for their designated parking area, they were assigned to make attendees go right to those areas, and lesson traffic on the roadways.

Officials have been working together to prepare one of the safest events the area has ever seen. 

Police Chief Patrick Garey says they have amped up security measures and patrols.

"The biggest change people will see this year is security screenings, and metal detectors upon entering the course," said Garey. 

Garey is asking guests to have patience and to be aware of what is authorized and not authorized in the venue. 

"The more information they know a head of time, will make their transition into the course that much smoother," said Garey. 

And if guests do attempt to bring in something on the prohibited items list, Gary says they will have to return it to their vehicle or it will be thrown away.

Items that are allowed into the course include: Bags 6x6 or smaller, Volunteer Issued Dick's bag, Mobile Phones and Tablets, Cameras smaller than 6'' with no case, Umbrellas without a sleeve, Collapsible Chairs without bags, Binoculars without a case, Seat Cushions with no case or compartments, Medically Necessary Items (diaper bags, strollers, baby bottles, and other items that will be subject to search), and Motorized Scooters or other personal transportation devices. 

"Tickets have been bought from fans all over the country, and we are gong to welcome them to Broome County, and show them the best we have to offer," said Garnar. 

Security and Bag items that are Prohibited:

Knives, Firearms, Weapons, Video Cameras, Radio's, TV's, Motorcycles, Lawn or Over Sized Chairs, Fireworks, Laser Pointers, Coolers, Bags larger than 6x6, Food and Beverages, Plastic or Metal cups or containers, Bikes, Skateboards, and Hoverboards. 

For more information on parking, and safety for the Dick's Sporting Goods Open, visit their website