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Assemblyman Brindisi Meets with Educators Discussing Education

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One of his major platforms surrounding his candidacy for Congress in the 22nd Congressional District has been the concerns over education. Hoping to address some of these problems, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi visited Vestal to meet with local educators, Tuesday, to discuss the issues many teachers and counselors, from across the Southern Tier, are facing in their field; and how some of these issues can be remedied. 

"This is an opportunity to listen and answer these teachers. They're concerned about education...it's an opportunity for me to talk about my positions on public education," said Anthony Brindisi, Assemblyman [D].

Running against Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, Brindisi said many issues brought to him by the educators today revolve around the budget cuts facing many public schools; and listening to constituents is the hallmark to a good representative. "Consistency...," said Brindisi "...is what most of these teachers are looking for." He says the budget cuts may make a mark on the financial aspect, but it would affect students' learning environments. "We want to be mindful of some of the cuts at the federal level, on how it would affect students with disabilities."

According to Brindisi, the best way to improve society is to invest in the futures of students. Studies show that investments in childhood education cuts down on social assistance and incarcerations later on in life. If budget cuts tap into the educational values of children, Brindisi says, students with disabilities could be at risk of losing important knowledge.

If elected, Brindisi vows to keep school and education an important part of Washington DC. Protecting the nation's youth and their educators from having an inconsistent and improper educational experience.