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Narcan to be Available at Pharmacies in NYS at Little or No Cost

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New York State -

The first program to provide a no cost, or a lower cost of naloxone will be available at pharmacies across all of New York State. 
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday, that New York will be the first in the nation to provide this service starting, on Wednesday.

People with health insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare can receive up to $40.00 in co-pay assistance.

This resulting in a reduced or no cost for the lifesaving medicine. Those without insurance can also still receive naloxone at no cost through the states network of registered opioid overdose prevention programs. 

This first-in-the-nation program will help put this lifesaving treatment in more hands and is one more prong in this administration's efforts to battle heroin and opioid abuse. — Cuomo 

Starting on Wednesday August 9, New Yorkers can find information on co-payments at pharmacy counters across the state. The Narcan Co-pay Assistance Program is funded by the state's Opioid Overdose Prevention Program.