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Spiedie Fest Vendor Raises Money for People with Disabilities

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A Corning based foundation made the trip to Spiedie Fest to inspire people to overcome their disabilities and live more satisfying lives. They were selling local cheese, honey, coffee, and more to raise money for the Dave Clark Foundation.

All of the proceeds will go to put on baseball and hockey camps for kids, teens, and adults with disabilities. The executive manager of the Dave Clark foundation says it feels great to help out the local community in as many ways as possible.

"We get a lot of 'wow that's great cheese.' People love giving to a good cause and, plus, you get a good product. It's a symbiotic relationship, we do a great local product and it's going to something that people really care about. It's a great local thing that we do." said Dominique Cornfield, Executive Manager of the Dave Clark Foundation.

Dave Clark is a native of Corning who contracted polio when he was an infant. He went on to sign a professional contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1971, and was a Swedish elite baseball league All-Star as a pitcher in 1981.