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Hundreds Help Keep People Safe at Spiedie Fest

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It's a collective effort by hard working men and women that have kept over 100,000 people safe at Spiedie Fest. Accommodating thousands of people isn't an easy job, and it's all thanks to the hundreds of security workers ensuring the safety of every individual that enters the park. 

James Dadamio is the Broome County Security Director for the festival and has been working at Spiedie Fest for over thirty years. Dadamio says the biggest challenge is traffic and parking. The park presents many different logistical issues when it comes to moving traffic. 

"Sometimes we have to get a little creative. We want to accommodate everyone we possible can," said Dadamio. 

But security's job stretches much further than parking. Safety staff often times have to make split decisions when it comes to weather. 

"Decisions were made Friday. There were adjustments to the concert schedule made and adjustments to the festival hours. It was all in an effort to get everyone out of here by the time storms rolled in and we were successful," said Dadamio. 

Security Officers also checked bags and purses as festival goers entered the park. Spiedie Fest Organizer, David Pessagno says not many people think of all the ways security operates at the festival. 

"It's really a lot of organizational things that they do for us inside and outside the park," said Pessagno. 

And preventing incidences means designating different people to different tasks. Security covers nearly every component of the park, whether its Emergency Medical Services, traffic, parking and entertainment for attendees. Many of the security measures is something festival goers wouldn't normally notice, such as the strategic placing of fences, barriers and even vehicles. 

"No matter what assignment they have, they are a critical piece of this festival," said Dadamio. 

Pessagno says this has been another Spiedie Fest without incident.

"It been very smooth but you have to be careful in today's world, and that's why we prepare for anything," said Passagno. 

Broome County Security covered much of the safety inside the park. Binghamton Police helped with the flow of traffic in and around the Bevier Street Bridge and New York State Police controlled traffic on Interstate 81.