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Eighth grade golfer is living inspired

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Seton Catholic Saints golfer, Michael Bucko is on the Varsity golf team; as an eighth grader. Although this seems to be an accomplishment in itself, Michael's golfing journey began when he was born.

After picking up a plastic set of golf clubs as a toddler, Michael's father, Mike, taught him and his sister, Amanda, the game of golf.

"When I was like three years-old I had a plastic set and we were in our old house and I hit the ball really far and he was like 'wow' we got to get these kids some real clubs and he did so I started to go out and play, said Michael."

Ever since then, Michael has taken off playing in tournaments all across the country and loving the game of golf.

"He's so accomplished for his age, he's 13 and he's on the Varsity golf team and he's playing so well, said Amanda Bucko."

However, things took a turn in 2013, when Michael's father passed away after battling colon cancer for two and a half years.

"We went to the driving range and he really couldn't do it as well as he usually did, said Michael."

  It was one of the last times Michael golfed with his father.

  "He went to the hospital and all I remember is kissing him goodbye and in the night we got a call that he died, said Michael."

  Despite the tragic loss, Michael's family is thankful for the time they spent with their father. "It was awful, but I mean I wouldn't have traded it for anything. At least we got that last summer with him, said Amanda."

 Michael's mother, Maureen, can see Mike in her son so clearly. She noticed this especially two weeks ago.

 "Mike would be out on the course with me and he would say 'do you see that really tall tree? How do you want me to hit it? said Maureen."

"We were relaxing out back and Michael said to me 'Mom, see this big tree up here? How do you want me to hit the shot?"

Being more like his father than he could ever imagine. "It is definitely something that he just innately picked up from him, said Maureen."

So Michael will continue to, play his game. Just like his father taught him.