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"Shed the Meds" Event Expanding Into Smaller Communities

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The "Shed the Meds" event and Narcan training is making its way into smaller communities. The Village of Hancock hosted a two-hour event where community members were invited to dispose old prescription medications. This is the eighth "Shed the Meds" event to be held across the Southern Tier.

"The more you can get prescriptions off the street and out of the medicine cabinets, the better off we will be in the long run," said Samuel Rowe, Hancock Town Supervisor. 

Saturday, August 5th, 52nd District State Senator, Fred Akshar partnered with Hancock Town Officials, and the Southern Tier AIDS Program to provide people with a way to safely and discreetly disposed on unwanted medications. The event takes any kind of prescriptions and will also take syringes. Members of the community also had the opportunity to take part in a free Narcan training. 

"The big cities have this problem, but so do the smaller communities. We've had, right here in Hancock, a couple cases where people have been saved because of the Narcan Training. It is very important and I hope more people become aware of what's going on. Hopefully this program will grow and we can have it more often," said Eugene Morgan, Mayor of Hancock. 

Morgan says taking these prescriptions is the best way to keep them from getting in the wrong hands. Even something as small as a couple of prescription pills can lead to a bigger problem, like the heroin epidemic. 

"We are losing a generation of people because of the epidemic and the numbers are trending in the wrong way. So when we stop losing people, I'll stop doing these events," said Senator Akshar. 

Senator Akshar says the "Shed the Meds" event will continue to be an on-going effort, not only through his office, but by local police agencies, ambulance agencies and even pharmacy's.