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Neighbors And Law Enforcement Mingle At Community Cookout

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Local law enforcement and the Binghamton community came together on Friday to build stronger relationships. The Broome County District Attorney's Office fired up the grills and neighbors came out to Columbus Park to visit and get to know police and prosecutors in a positive environment. 

The highlight for some of the neighborhood kids was playing a few pick-up games with local cops.

"I'm gonna play the cops in a basketball game," says Joseph Tinderencer, "I think that will be fun."

And 11-year-old Nicholas Arias was pretty confident his team would win.

"The cops are gonna get wrecked," said Arias with a grin.

District Attorney Steve Cornwell says it's important for the community to know they aren't alone and for kids to have a positive experience with law enforcement.

"It's just good to reach out to kids and come to them, where they are and interact, just like regular relationships," says Cornwell, "So they understand that as they grow up and they're used to seeing us in the community and that's important."

This is the second community cookout the DA's office has hosted this summer.