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Business Leaders Talk Taxes, Government Regulation Health With Tenney

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A diverse group of Southern Tier business leaders who make up a range of industries -- from banking and energy to health care -- met with Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-22) about problems facing their companies.

“This year we really want to find out what we can do on a federal level to help you grow your businesses,” said Tenney.

The first-term Republican congresswoman is hosting similar round table sessions throughout the twenty-second district. The day before, she met with business leaders in Herkimer County.

At Thursday’s meeting, made up of members of the Greater Binghamton Chamber, Tenney, whose background is in publishing weekly newspapers, frequently shared her own horror stories of ways federal regulations and taxes hurt her family-run printing business.

Members expressed frustration with rising gas taxes, state and federal regulations, and the health care problem.

‘People are upset that “Is is repeal, is it repair, is it replace?” To me, we are at a crisis one way or another.”

Her office recently hired a staff member who Tenney describes as being very knowledgeable on healthcare and the opioid crisis.