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Broome County Highway Workers Recognized for Life Saving Actions

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Two county high way employees were recognized, for going above and beyond their daily job duties.  

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar honored Chris Hand and EJ Folli, for their life saving actions-- in recognizing and responding to an emergency on the I-81 Exit 6 ramp. 

Folli and Hand saw a car moving slowly on the shoulder of the road and starting to drift towards traffic. The driver was slumped over in the vehicle, and was suffering from a heroin overdose. They were able to steer the vehicle safely off the road without involving any other cars in the incident. 

When police got to the scene they were able to revive the driver. 

"That person's life was saved because of the actions of our own highway department," said Garnar.

Garnar said the outcome could have been very bad if they weren't there to help.

Hand and Folli just started their day on the road when they quickly realized something was wrong. 

"There wasn't any thought, we saw the guy draped over the shifter and thought he was in pretty big trouble, so that's when we pulled over and went into action," said Folli.

He said both him and Hand were shouting back to each other to help get the car off of the road. 

"It felt like forever but it was probably only five minute," said Folli. 

After police cleared the scene both Hand and Folli went back to their daily work activities.