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More Addiction Treatment Coming To Broome County

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Plans for a new addiction treatment center will re-purpose a building at the former Broome Developmental Center. The facility is expected to start out with 50 beds, with space to expand to 100 beds in the future.

"We're losing a generation of people," says Senator Fred Akshar.

76 people died from overdoses in Broome County last year, and already 39 have died this year. Local officials say there is a great need for treatment services in the area. And New York State agrees, having partnered with Broome County to cover the costs of the facility.

"Let me be clear, there will be no cost in these services for the local taxpayers of Broome County," says
Broome County Executive Jason Garnar.

The state is expected to pay $30,000 per patient each year and cover Medicaid costs for patients who do not have their own insurance.

"I don't have a specific dollar amount, what I do have is a commitment from the Executive, a commitment from the Assembly and the Senate to ensure that this comes to fruition," says Akshar.

Right now, there are few details about the cost and timeline, but the county has put out a request for proposals. If the process goes quickly, Garnar says the center could be taking in patients as soon as December of this year.