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U-E Grad Eastman reflects on America's Team Sport trip to Italy

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LeMoyne Rising Senior Alexis Eastman, Union-Endicott Class of 2014, recently returned from a three-city tour of Italy with a softball team representing the United States for America's Team Sport.   Eastman and her teammates toured Milan, Florence, and Rome playing a handful of games against local softball teams.

She says the trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity and truly a cultural experience.  Eastman says that teams in Italy play a much slower paced game of softball and, whereas US teams will play doubleheaders of 7 inning games, Italian teams will play as many innings as they agree upon prior to the game, sometimes five, sometimes six, sometimes seven.

Other than that, the game of softball is universal and, despite the language barrier, Eastman and her teammates relished the experience.

"I think it was a once in a lifetime opportunity," she says.  "It's crazy how a game can unite so many people.  There were umpires that didn't speak any English and just to see how you don't have to even speak to one another but we all know the game and can still play against each other and have a good time.  I think they were all very accepting of us and they liked seeing how we played just as much as we liked seeing how much they played."

America's Team Sport features international tours in softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse.  The organization has tours to Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Australia, Dominican Republic, and England, depending on the sport.  To learn more about America's Team Sport, you can visit their website amteamsport.com.