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Tri-Town Youth Club Needs Space

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The Tri-Town Youth Club, formerly the Tri-Town Boys and Girls Club has relocated to the United Methodist Church in Sidney. With this move, the club is thankful for the space provided by the United Methodist Church; however they don't see it as a long-term stay.

"It's a good size space. We have four rooms, a computer room, a small game room, an office and a craft room. It limits us because we have a lot of kids who are showing up. We have about 25-30 kids a day. On average about 115 kids a week. So it doesn't give kids the chance to be kids, because they like to run, they need space. Once school starts we plan on doing homework in one of the rooms.. we have an office, we just need more space, said Director Vincent Spruill."

Since the club is a non-profit organization, they don't have the capital to make an investment in a larger space. However, the club is growing and the kids and staff members are making the most of what they have.

I get to be with my friends all day and be with the teachers that I love, said fifth grader, Olivia Geers.

The Tri-Town Youth Club serves Sidney, Unadilla and Bainbridge, however Spruill says all kids are welcome. The Tri-Town Youth Club is free. Their hours are 8:00 am until 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

You can contact Club Director, Vince Spruill with questions, donations or volunteer work via email: Vince.Spruill@gmail.com.