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$100,000 Investment To Preserve Endicott's Past

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A $100,000 grant secured by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo will expand the Endicott History and Heritage Center on Washington Ave. The grant allows the center to purchase additional display cases, lighting, computers, and an updated security system. 

"It helps us preserve the story and the history of this community," says Lupardo.

The History and Heritage Center opened up four years ago. Since then, many items have been donated by the community, growing the collection of artifacts from Endicott's past. There are currently over 200 items waiting to be transferred into the new display cases. Exhibits include permanent displays of the two corporations that Endicott was built on; Endicott-Johnson and IBM. 

"People would say 'Which way EJ' when they got off the boat," says Marlene Yacos, Executive Director of the Old Village of Union Historical Society, "They always said they wanted to work for EJ, but they wanted their children to work for IBM because it was a step up."

With the grant, the historical society hopes to preserve the area's history for future generations to learn from. Lupardo says she hopes the area's innovative past will bring community pride and inspire revitalization in the future.

"By honoring this history, it makes you feel very proud of the story and the future to come," says Lupardo.

The museum is currently open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm and is located at 40 Washington Ave in Endicott.