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Binghamton Devils Ready for Logo Reveal

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Seven months ago, the Binghamton Senators became the Binghamton Devils. After months of wondering who Binghamton would have to play professional hockey... the New Jersey Devils are here and the season is right around the corner.
The Binghamton Devils in conjunction with the New Jersey Devils hosted a press conference Friday. New Jersey Devils President, Hugh Weber, local owners and local politicians gathered together in preparation of the logo and jersey release of the new-look Binghamton Devils jersey, tomorrow at the arena.

According to Vice President of Sales of the Binghamton Devils, ticket sales are already up 15 percent from last year.

One thing the New Jersey Devils President promises is player development that is the future of NHL hockey.

"You're going to see a very exciting style of play, a lot of up and coming NHL players that are actually on the cusp of breaking through. Names of guys that you will see in the NHL for a long time, said New Jersey Devils President, Hugh Weber."