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Cooperstown Hall Of Fame Weekend A Homerun For Fans

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Baseball hats and jerseys everywhere and in the background a banjo plays "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." This is Cooperstown on Hall of Fame induction weekend. The crowd is expected to be 30,000 strong by Sunday and they're coming from all over.

Astros fans are making their presence known, traveling in packs of orange, turning out to see Jeff Bagwell take his place in the hall. Bagwell is being inducted alongside Tim Raines, and Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez.

Jennifer Brown and her family turned this week into a baseball road trip. With no baseball team left in their hometown of Montreal since the Expos left in 2004, the family decided to loop down to Binghamton to catch a game before heading back to Cooperstown. Brown is sporting a Rumble Ponies cap.

"It's just nice to absorb the baseball atmosphere because Montreal is unfortunately a hockey town," says Brown.

Tim Raines may be the last Expo to get inducted into the Hall of Fame. That's something Brown could not miss.

"To be there on the field and sit there and go crazy when he goes up," says Brown.

It's all about making baseball memories. And 11-year-old Lukas Luna has one for the books.

"We wanted to see their hotel, so we were driving by," says Luna, talking about where the inductees are staying for the weekend. That's when he saw Pudge Rodriguez, his baseball hero and the whole reason his family made the trip from Texas.

"He was the last one, just unloading and we got a card signed by him and a picture," says Luna.

It was a chance encounter that made this kid's day. Luna's mom says she's pretty sure the car was still rolling when she and her son jumped out to go say 'hi' to Pudge.

"He was like, 'I'm shaking, I was so nervous!' And I asked him, 'Did you at least say thank you?' says Luna's mom, "He said, 'I think I did!'"

So that's one homerun for the Luna family and it's only Friday.