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NYS Lawmakers Team Up with AT&T to Combat Distracted Driving

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AT&T and New York State officials teamed up on Friday to educate the public about distracted driving.

Lawmakers, police and representatives from AT&T, showcased a virtual reality simulator that allows participants to experience first hand, the dangers of texting and driving. New York State officials say they hope to raise more awareness and strengthen the current laws already in place.

NYS Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo said, “Obviously the message hasn't gotten through to people who are not only texting while driving but 'Instagraming' and apparently having Facebook chats and having even more involved activity. So I think the focus for law enforcement and state legislators is to get that one big distraction out of the way”

The virtual reality texting and driving simulator was showcased at the Rumble Ponies baseball game on Friday night at NYSEG Stadium.

"When you hear the statistics of how many people on a daily basis in New York State and across the country are effected by texting while driving it really makes you want to do much better at educating the public and for yourself, to make sure you aren't doing this as well." said Lupardo.

"Obviously people know the things they do in their cars that are distraction but this is obviously the big item that we need to focus on," she said.

Since the launch of AT&T's “It Can Wait” campaign in 2010, over 19 million have pledged to not drive distracted.