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The City of Binghamton Secures $750k for Infrastructure Upgrades

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If you haven't already encountered construction, get ready to see some more.

Senator Fred Akshar and Mayor Rich David came together on Friday to announce, $750,000 of state funding will go towards improvements throughout the City of Binghamton. Mayor Rich David said, “It has been literally decades for most of these people that their streets have even been touched.”

Along with street paving and reconstruction, the $750k boost will support a range of upgrades like bridge and sidewalk repair, water and sewer line improvements and various project throughout the Southern Tier.

“People talk most about demolitions and street reconstruction...those are the two areas that people see things happening because they're very visible. You see whether it’s homes being demolished, you see major equipment like that going up and down streets and you see paving machines. These are signs of progress," said David.

And that progress is felt by residents of all ages.

Mary Jane Westbrook, 50 years Binghamton Resident said, "I think it’s great. I think the mayor is doing a great job and I’m a Democrat saying that. But I think anything they do to improve things is great and I’m very, very happy with everything."

"All my life I've been driving down these west side roads with potholes everywhere and now that I'm driving, it's good to know that the city is keeping up with the roads," said Thomas Davis, a Seton student and lifelong west side resident. “It’s good to see the city getting to work and putting our tax dollars towards what needs to be done," he said.

Liz Rosenberg, 29 Year Binghamton Resident and professor at Binghamton University said, "I agree that when you see the trucks coming and the cones in the road you think, 'oh no' but at the same time a few days, or a week later everything looks better and runs more smoothly."

“At the time that the construction is going on, nobody loves it, but then afterward if they do a good job, we're happy and of course, we can also see that some of our fellow citizens are in fact, at work," said Rosenburg.

The $750,000 boost in City infrastructure funding comes from the State and Municipal Facilities Program of the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY). The various reconstruction projects will take place throughout 2017.