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Water Cut Off At Windsor Mobile Home Park

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Residents of the Tuscarora Mobile Home Park in Windsor are without running water. For now, they are filling buckets and jugs from a tank and bringing them into their homes. 

On July 22, the owner of the property, John Zhang, cut off the water supply. County, state, town, and village officials worked together to supply the community with a water buffalo.

A water buffalo is a tank filled with chlorinated municipal water that residents can use in their homes. 

Timalau Griswold has lived in the park for over 10 years and said there have always been issues, but this is the first time Zhang has done something like this. 

 "We have to come over here every day and fill up gallon buckets and five-gallon buckets so we can wash dishes, cook food, but we still can't take showers," said Griswold. "My biggest fear is what if we get a fire? How are we going to put it out?"

County officials say between 50 and 70 people live in the park. 

One resident said living on the property is "hell," and that she hopes to be out of the park within a month. Another expressed concern about her kids having to change school districts. 

At a press conference on Tuesday, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said the county has received complaints about the sewage system and water supply in the past

"This incident should put all Broome County slumlords on notice. We are coming after you and we are going to shut you down."

— Jason Garnar

Legal actions have been taken against Zhang in the past. 

Chris Coddington, Broome County Environmental Health Director, said Zhang has decided to close the park. 

"If he doesn't close it we are pressing to close it to make sure it's safe for those individuals," said Coddington. "As much as we don't want to remove them from the property, it gets to a point where we have to look out for their health and safety." 

The Broome County Health Department has provided information to the tenants about water availability, legal aide, and mobile home haulers. 

You can read Broome County's full injunction below: