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Diana Ross Plays for a Sold Out Crowd at the Anderson Center

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Multiple awards winning singer, Diana Ross, took the Anderson Center stage at Binghamton University to perform her hit songs from the last four decades.

"She's a legend! You can't miss this opportunity," said Carol Silverberg, Concertgoer. Carol lined up outside of the venue for over an hour before doors opened to get seats on the lawn.

"When they were advertising that tickets were still available, I said 'I'm going, I'm going,'" said Silverberg. 

The entire seated section of the theater sold out within three days according to the Anderson Center's Marketing Director, Rosanne Norris. "I believe it was the fastest we've ever sold out."

In total, more than 1,200 people filled the seats with an additional 1,500 expected to bring their own lawn chairs and sit on the grass.

Tickets were $35 for the lawn seating and varied between $77, $87 or $97 for the Orchestra depending on location. Silverberg says it's nice to have big names come to Binghamton for a small price.

"The concerts in this area tend not to be that expensive and for only $35 to see someone like Diana Ross is a really good price," said Silverberg. According to Norris, that's one of the things that the concert team at the Anderson Center tries to do.

"We want to bring in names that this community wants to see and we want to make it affordable for everyone," said Norris.

Ross' career took off in the 1970's, which makes her music resonate across multiple generations. 

"Even my granddaughter is going to be here tonight," said Norris.

"I want to hear some of her older stuff, the stuff that she did in the 60's and the 70's," said Silverberg.

Ross' "In the Name of Love" Tour continues on Thursday with a performance at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston.

Locally, the Anderson Center has a full lineup of performances and events scheduled for the upcoming months.