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A Day Dedicated to "Advocating for Different Abilities"

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The Southern Tier Independence Center (S.T.I.C) hosted a day dedicated to “Advocating for Different Abilities” on Wednesday.

On the 27th anniversary of The Americans with Disabilities Act, attendees celebrated with a "zoo-mobile", face painting, wheelchair basketball and much more. Organizers say the day was not only about fun, but also education.

Maria Dibble, Executive Director, S.T.I.C said, “It’s important to educate people, I think sometimes people forget how important services are for our next door neighbors and our friends, so this is about making sure that people understand that those with disabilities...sure they need services, but they also have abilities.” “This is a way to teach people about our abilities and the things that we can do in the community so that people accept people with disabilities and understand that they're a part of our community as well” said, Dibble.


S.T.I.C also introduced a new service to the community. They unveiled the “Sensory Room” for adults and children with sensory disabilities. Representatives from S.T.I.C say the room will allow for sensory disabled individuals to learn about and experience different visuals, textures and auditory effects. The room was dedicated to a deceased member of the staff, Vitally Sirotkin.

For more information about the Southern Tier Independent Center, click here: S.T.I.C