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Local Pageant Kicks Off Broome County Fair

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Around twenty-four girls competed for the title of Miss Broome County. The Miss Broome County Fair Pageant kicked off the opening day of fair festivities. And while many of the vendors were still setting up, little girls (ages 4-18) were getting ready for their shinning moment.

"I think this builds a lot for these little ones. Public speaking is a huge piece in your life no matter what you do. So this is a great way to get them out there  and take that shyness away from them," said Michelle Quail, Director of the pageant.

Michelle Quail has been running the pageant since she graduated high school. She also enlisted her niece, Brittany Hand, to help organize the event. Hand says the pageant has made a huge influence in her life.

"Both of us have been pageant winners here for the fair as kids. So this has done a lot for me as far being able to communicate with people and building confidence," said Brittany Hand, Co-Director.

Quail says the pageant isn't about looking pretty and answering the judges questions. She says the pageant winners work hard to engage the community in local events.

"The tradition of the pageant queens to walk around the fair and be that smiling face everyone sees. One of the things they do is the parade and they make an appearance at every nightly event at the fair," said Quail.

Six year old, Leah Griffith was last years Little Miss Broome County winner. She competed against girls, ages 4-8. Griffith says her favorite part of the pageant this year is handing down her crown to the next winner.

"I get to give the next queen my crown and sash. I love to feel like a princess," said Griffith.

Six p.m. Tuesday evening, all the crowned queen and all the pageant participants will parade the fair grounds. The parade is the official start to the Broome County Fair.