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County Services Working to Clean Up Flooded Areas

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After two days and nights of heavy rains, it appears the hardest hit in Broome County was Vestal. With some areas still under a State of Emergency, county officials are doing what they can to help local residents.

Monday, Director of Broome County Emergency Services, Michael Ponticello, said road crews and safety services are working hard to clean up debris of flood-affected sites.

Residents living closest to the Choconut Creek, according to Ponticello, have seen some of the worst of rising water levels. 

"The biggest impact is probably along Pennsylvania [Choconut Creek], numerous residents drove into flood waters. We had 12 cars that got stuck and 8 people that had to be rescued under underpasses," said Michael Ponticello.

Ponticello said, Broome is working with NYSEG and the Red Cross to regain electricity, gas, vital necessities and temporary housing for those that have lost power or their homes, as well as developing services that will make recovery more effective. There have been no reported injuries or deaths, related to flooding in Broome County.

"We're working with the Town of Vestal to try to secure dumpsters and a process to wave the fees at the Broome County landfill, to accommodate the garbage that is coming out of the residents, things that have been destroyed by the flooding," said Ponticello.

Residents are encouraged to avoid roadways and underpasses where water has risen above the road. Turn around. Don't Drown.

For up-to-date alerts and emergency warnings, visit nyalert.gov to sign up.