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State Of Emergency Declared in Vestal

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Thunderstorms with heavy rain moved into the Binghamton area last night around 9pm. Around the City of Binghamton and the areas to the Southeast (Kirkwood/Conklin), approximately 2.5-4 inches of rain has fallen.

The area of South Vestal also received between 2.5-3.5 inches of rain in a short period of time. This rain has caused issues with flooded roadways, stranded vehicles and required evacuation of residents in Vestal. Town Supervisor John Schaeffer has issued a State of Emergency for affected parts of the Town of Vestal.

Broome County water rescue resources assisted Tioga County in the Apalachin area with evacuating residents from flooded areas.
The 911 Center has fielded approximately 75 total incidents as a result of the storm.

EM staff has sent 5 NY Alert messages to the areas along the creek advising residents to prepare for possible flooding.
Choconut Creek – The Choconut Creek in Vestal has encountered flash flooding in several areas. At this time, it has caused the evacuation of 12 homes and 10 mobile homes totaling 50 people in the South Vestal area. The creek continues to peak along points North and as it does, more residences are being evacuated. So far, approximately 10 people have required sheltering assistance. This is being handled by the Red Cross at Vestal Fire Station 2.

Plan Going Forward – Town of Vestal resources continue to warn and evacuate residents and check low lying residents as necessary. We are continuing to monitor the situation and assist the resources in the Town of Vestal with their needs. Damage assessments will be made once daylight breaks. No further assistance is needed at this time.