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A "Beloved" Yard Sale Brings Future to Children

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Driving down Riverside Drive in Binghamton, it's very hard not to notice the bright, orange house that sits along the Susquehanna River. Sunday, the home located at 45 Riverside, held a yard sale in its front yard.
Although the house is very noticeable, what it does for others many do not know. The house is the location of "The Beloved Community" (TBC), an organization created to promote peace, social justice, and global citizenship throughout the world while assisting those in need.
Started by Dr. Mar Peter Raoul, while she was a professor of religion, philosophy, peace & global studies at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, she based many of the organization's principles on the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King's views on world peace. Today, her family, along with others that share the common ideology, carry on the hope of changing the world one soul at a time.
"Mar started TBC about 15 years ago. She had gone to give speeches on world peace, one place was Calcutta, India. While she was there she took some of her grand-kids. The kids were off playing with other kids that live in Calcutta...our kids made friends with them," said Jory Larnerd, Project member (Mar's son).
Friends that became so much more. While the Mar's family bonded with the children in India, they couldn't help but notice the immense poverty that these kids were living in. Forced to survive in or around massive garbage dumps, these native children began to survive by collecting semi-valuables in the trash and trying to sell it for rupees. The currency they needed for their family's survival.
"It was hard to leave those kids behind just living in the dumps, pulling out recyclables to try to save a couple rupees and live like that," Jory Larnerd.
So in an effort to help their friends, they devised a fund to help get these children off the streets. The Calcutta Children's Project is the most developed and ongoing project of TBC. Since 2009, members of TBC have been traveling to the rural village of Chitragunj in Eastern India just outside of Calcutta, to provide educational opportunities and emergency medical care for underprivileged children and their families.
By holding just a simple yard sale, this little home in Binghamton is making a huge difference in the lives of others around the world.
"We've raised tens of thousands of dollars to help under-privileged communities. We send 80 kids to schools every year, we're trying to send 20 more," said Colin-Pierre Larnerd, Co-Founder of  Calcutta Children's Project (Mar's grandson).
Although today's yard sale has ended, the Beloved Community continues to encourage others to help those in need. Because for just $50, a child in India can attend school with all the essential tools and books they need.

For more information on The Beloved Community, and other programs they are part of visit their Facebook page.