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Eamonn Hubert, Local Child Guitar Prodigy, Demonstrates Rare Gift

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Local child prodigy Eamonn Hubert is one in 10,000. Literally. The 9-year-old guitarist has the rare gift of perfect pitch. 

“It’s the ability to reproduce a note without having any reference," says Eamonn's dad, Doug Hubert. 

When I first met this special kid a few weeks ago, I was blown away by his talent and intrigued by his ability. Wanting to know more, I sat down with Eamonn and his dad to find out how this works. 

“It could be anything… It could be a car engine, it could be a wheel squeak, it could be rain," says Eamonn.

But four years ago, it was an air conditioner that tipped off Eamonn's parents that something was going on with their son.

"I was like I recognize that note," says Eamonn, "'Hey, Dad! It's a B flat!'"

Checking it against a tuning app, Eamonn's mom found it was in fact a B flat.

One of the things this gift allows Eamonn to do is pick up songs very quickly. So quickly, he outgrew dad's home guitar lessons in no time.

“In about 3 months I taught him everything that I could teach him," says Doug.

And Eamonn doesn't even have to practice all that much. 

“I’ll occasionally play some of the songs at home for a tiny little bit of time and then I’ve got all the other songs in my head," says Eamonn.

He just celebrated his 9th birthday and told me with a lot of enthusiasm that he got an Xbox. This young mind has an ever growing inventory of songs and notes.

I tested him, plucking different notes on my guitar. With his eyes covered so as not to cheat and look at my fingers, he rattled off every note I played. He was right every time.

“When I like think of a note, it just feels like I just know where it is," says Eamonn.

Eamonn has been performing with his dad since he was 5 years old. Whether it's just the two of them, or in a band, Eamonn tends to draw attention.

“It’s established I am the rhythm and he plays the lead," says Doug.

Still, there's a lot dad can teach his soon to be 4th grade kid about music and life. One of those lessons? Letting go when you make a mistake.

"It wasn't always that easy," says Doug, "That was something we had to work on."

But today, Eamonn has a good philosophy about pushing through the mistakes. 

"I just keep going because if I stop and get caught up in it it will just make things worse," says Eamonn.

He has a lot to learn, but plenty of time to do so. He also has big goals. He says he wants to be "Michael Jackson famous." 

Eamonn Hubert. It's a name we'll be seeing a lot of in the future.