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2017 July Fest Art Can Be Seen All Across Binghamton

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As 2017 July Fest comes to an end, vendors leave, and the streets reopen. But there is one thing in particular you might still be seeing around.

Every year the festival is shaped by the wide array of artwork and musical talent. Many participants who came had the opportunity make their mark on some local art.

For the past twelve years the Magic Paint Brush Project has been part of the festival.  Every year multiple large canvases lay along side the tent. Anyone with the urge to leave their mark in Broome County had the opportunity to dip either their hand or feet in paint and decorate the canvas.

"Our paintings have been in the community for a long time. The Magic Paint Brush has been around for twelve years. So everyone see's our paintings around, but they very rarely get to help make one that will go up in the community. Our big annual Binghamton hand print painting is a big one. Everyone gets to be involved and gets to leave an impression, and it's just a great way to leave their mark downtown," said Jennifer O'Brien, Executive Director of the Magic Paint Brush Project.  

Most of the artwork is hung in UHS facilities. You can see many pieces of art on the walls of Wilson Hospital. But for the past couple of years the Binghamton hand print painting has been hung in City Hall. O'Brien says this year's piece should be no different. 

The Magic Paint Brush Project provides workshops for thousands on individuals who are diagnosed with a developmental disability. The program uses art as a responsive approach to dealing with challenges associated with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and cognitive delay.