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Fenton Residents React to NG Advantage Bus Tour

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On the morning of Saturday, July 15, a bus carrying around 12 Fenton residents left SUNY Broome and made the five hour trip to Milton, Vermont to check out one of NG Advantage's natural gas sites. The company's CEO said the purpose of the trip was to "show residents a sense of what is coming to Fenton, including our state-of-the-art facility and professional staff."

Upon returning from Vermont on Saturday night, CEO Rico Biasetti called the trip a "great success," but many Fenton residents who opted not to take the tour felt otherwise.

"No matter what they have to show at their other location, it won't change the fact that the one they want to build here is in a bad location," said Maureen Singer, Fenton Resident.

Others say this gesture by NG Advantage is too little, too late.

"The way they should've gone about it was to have a few public hearings to see how the neighborhood felt about it," said Kurt Mohney, Fenton Resident.

Over 100 trucks on West Service Road, an ill-equipped volunteer Fire Department, a school within a half-mile, a park within a hundred feet, and many hundreds of residents within the evacuation area is inexcusable.

— Kurt Mohney

Others, like Fenton Resident, Mary McMahon says she chose not to go because the areas surrounding the two sites are nothing alike.

"Going to the Milton, Vermont site to the site in the Town of Fenton - there's just no comparison," said McMahon.

Other residents who spoke with Fox 40 agree with her.

I will not partake in NG Advantage's attempts to reason, and I have no further interest in listening to their attempt to compare the Milton facility to the proposed site in Broome County.

It's like comparing apples to oranges. The sites are incomparable and incommensurable.

— Adrienne Irons, Fenton Resident

The common response from the nearly ten Fenton Residents that spoke on Sunday is they had nothing to gain from making the trip, but they will continue to fight the location of this project.

Fox 40 reached out to NG Advantage in order to speak with someone who took the tour, but no response has been given.