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St. John's "Ukrainian Days" Festival Weekend

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Saint John's Ukrainian Orthodox Church hosts a weekend-long festival every year. It's usually packed with traditional foods, live music and dancing and this year's 90th annual festival was no different. 

You can almost smell the delicious kolbasa from a mile away. Other featured foods like holubtsi, pirohi and halushky are made fresh by the parishioners. And if that wasn't enough, the whole event is topped with live entertainment, dancing, church tours and even Pysanky (egg decorating) demonstrations.

Carol Wasylko is the Cultural Director for the church. She says the Ukrainian festival isn't just for those of Ukrainian Heritage, its for all. 

"We live in the most unique community in New York State. Where there's the Italian fest and the Greek fest, there is so many different festivals going on.  Ukrainian day for is us sharing our embroideries, our icon work, and ceramics.But it's about sharing all that we treasure and sharing it with the community," said Wasylko.

All of the money raised this weekend goes back to the Church to support it's projects throughout the year.