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Lyza Durgala: From Humble Beginnings to Limitless Future

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Six weeks atop the New Music Weekly's Indie Pop Charts, the Johnson City native, Lyza Durgala, has made her mark on the music industry. With a loving family behind her, and an unknown future awaiting her, she still believes that with a lot of work - one day she can make it big.

Born in April, 1996, Lyza wasn't always the venturous singer/song-writer she is today. According to her family, it was quite the opposite. "She was very shy," said Kim Durgala, Lyza's mother. "We never thought she'd get up in front of a crowd to sing," said Dave Durgala, Lyza's father.

Her mother said when Lyza was young she would hide behind a chair to avoid confrontations, but that all changed one winter morning. "We gave her a guitar for Christmas, one day. She went up stairs, a half hour later she was playing it," Dave Durgala.

Lyza responded, that was the moment she saw her dream career as a real possibility. "I started playing the guitar when I was 12...I started singing when I was 13," said Lyza Durgala. Capturing the moment, she began taking singing lessons to improve her voice range, while writing lyrics she came up with in her notebook.

"For 5 or 6 years, I'll go through my notebook and I'll find stuff...and I'll write songs from it," said Lyza Durgala.

After jotting down her poetry in her notebook, she began to perform at open-mic nights and the Endicott Performing Arts Center, with her supportive parents and two brothers. A family, that Lyza said, are her biggest fans. "My [family] have helped me out a lot."

"I love the way she delivers. She plays from the heart and she enjoys the songs that she sings," said Pat Heenan, grandmother.

"I love her. She has such a beautiful voice," said Diane Rezucha, family friend.

One of her songs was given to music producer, who heard her songs and loved the lyrics. He called her back, and helped her write, a hit song.

Lyza, according to other musicians, may have what it takes to become a superstar. The triple threat of singing beautifully, playing guitar and writing her own music make Lyza a hot commodity, for music labels.

"She has a great career, she's talented at what she does," said Billy Jenkins, former performer of Lift Tom Lift.

"Great guitar chops and her voice is dead on, but to do both at once is really a trick," said Eric Porter, bass guitarist.

With a successful album release, on Saturday, her hit-song "On Top of the World" gives Lyza hope for the future, but she knows hard work is still ahead.

"I hope I'm able to do more music. I would love to be able to play anywhere. To be able to develop my fan-base, it would be awesome," said Lyza Durgala.

Currently, her self titled album "Lyza" is played on stations in the Southern United States, as well as a few stations in New York City and Bath, NY. To be able to hear her music in her home town, "would be a dream come true," said Lyza.

It's uncertain to tell if Durgala 's future holds world tours and sold out performances, but if she continues to try her hardest to reach for a dream...the limits to her music are nowhere in sight.

To check out Lyza Durgala 's music, visit her website.