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Ice Cream Lovers Get a Scoop of the Past at the Schoolhouse Creamery

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The Schoolhouse Creamery in Windsor isn't your average ice cream shop. The creamery just recently opened in May, 2017, but the one room schoolhouse has been around since 1860. 

"Being a school teacher myself for 19 years, I teach history, so going back and digging through the history of the schoolhouse is very exciting because it tells a story. Even the pictures we have hanging on the wall and seeing the faces of the children who attended here, the life was very different. Hearing some of the stories really enlightens it for us. We enjoy having that experience and those customers that come in to share what they know about this place and the history that's behind it," said Co-owner, Lena Colpitts. 

Owners Lena and Susan Colpitts had been looking to open a creamery for years. It wasn't until they saw the old schoolhouse, that they knew this was the one. But there's more history around the schoolhouse than what meets the eye. Lena and Susan have lived in Windsor their entire lives. They too found that their family members once attended the old schoolhouse as well. 

"Knowing people that have come here through the schoolhouse and giving us pictures, we found out that there is three generations of our family that have gone to the schoolhouse dating back to the 1880's," said Susan Colpitts, Co-owner of Schoolhouse Creamery. 

Both say people have dropped off old pictures of family members at the schoolhouse. Others were surprised to find familiar faces, some dating back to the 1920's. 

The creamery also has the Schoolhouse's original flooring, chalkboards and desks.