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Mom's House Hosts Annual Hart and Hills Memorial Golf Tournament

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Mom's House hosted one of its biggest fundraisers of the year, the Hart and Hills Memorial Golf Tournament to support their programs. 

The nonprofit organization is a free New York State licensed child center for the children of low-income single parents who are also enrolled in school full-time. 

"It gives single mothers an opportunity to go get an education and better themselves, it gives their children a place to go and get cared for while they're trying to improve their lives," said Eric Hills, participant.

The tournament is in memory of Eric's father, Jerry and another individual, Johnny Hart. Both of these men donated a significant amount of money and time to Mom's House. According to his son, Jerry was a local guy who worked at IBM before retiring in the early-90's. He and his wife, June, discovered Mom's House and spent a lot of time to understand what it was all about and how they could donate their time to give back to the local community on an ongoing basis.

"They were both very well integrated with Mom's House and the things Mom's House does for the community," said Hills.

He says 30 plus teams were signed up for the tournament that took place at the Links at Hiawatha Landing on Saturday. They expect to raise over $10,000 this year.

"They're all working for a common cause and they recognize that it's very necessary for the community and it gives everyone a good feeling for what they're doing," said Hills.

For more information on the work that Mom's House does, visit their website.