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July Fest, 2017 Kicks Off and Draws Unique Vendors

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The 55th annual July Fest kicked off in downtown Binghamton and drew people of all ages, for many different reasons.

Hundreds of community members flock to the downtown streets of Binghamton, New York, for the many food vendors, live music performances and arts the July Fest has to offer.

But for some, this year’s event was a chance to showcase cherished cultural items. Charlie Brosious, Art Vendor from Redding Pennsylvania said, “My wife and I have been married for 6 years and I actually some of her unique items from Peru and I started putting some things on Ebay and investigating and realize people really like it”. It was three years ago that Brosious and his wife made vending a family affair.

“My wife and actually her family does some of the clothing, the alpaca sweaters and ponchos”

 For Brosious, every item displayed and sold, is a personal piece of pride.

“I actually pick the stone, so I’ll be down in Peru and I’ll pick my stones and I’ll have all the jewelry made which is actually really cool because I’m picking the rock so it’s really the idea that I get to see the whole process." And for him, he's about more then just making some extra money, “You show people the different and unique things from Peru and the other South American countries and people look at it and think 'wow this is really different' and it gives them new things to look at.”

Brosious and over 30 other art vendors, food stands and artists will be on the downtown streets of Binghamton, all weekend, until 5pm on Sunday July 16th.

For more information, a schedule and full list of performers and vendors click here: July Fest 2017