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2018 Proposed Budget Includes Veterans Crisis Line

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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney secures critical language for Veterans Crisis Line in the proposed 2018 budget. 

The Veterans Crisis Line is a crucial resource that provides around the clock support and intervention services to Veterans across the country. Earlier this year Tenney called for the funding for the Veterans Crisis Line as well as reforms to help improve its effectiveness. 

Tenney said it is her obligation to ensure that our Veterans have access to the resources they need then they return home from selflessly serving our nation.

Included language in the proposed budget to ensure that the Department of Veterans Affairs addresses all of the Veterans health needs in accordance with established medical standards. 

Officials report nearly 22 Veterans commit suicide each day. 

"As a mother of an active duty U.S. Marine, it is an honor to do my part and join the fight to decrease the alarming number of veteran suicides," said Tenney.